awaiting the miracle of the Christmas lime

I’m hoping there IS such a thing.

Having had just a few days to recover from our ice storm and power outage, the French Toast Alert Level is at High as another winter storm!!! bears down upon us. (I didn’t know it required three exclamation points, but apparently it does.)

And we are out of limes. Now THAT requires three exclamation points.


So here we sit, too bone lazy to venture out into the freezing cold just to pick up a lime, waiting and hopiing for one to conjure itself up on the kitchen counter.

I’ve attempted the I Dream of Jeannie head bob and the Bewitched nose twitch.

No dice.

So maybe if I wish hard enough and have the most sincere Christmas tree on the planet, the Great Pumpkin will grant my wish and leave a lime on the counter.

I hope.


3 thoughts on “awaiting the miracle of the Christmas lime

  1. I could post you one but I don’t think it would get there till after Christmas now! and then you’d still have to go to the mail box or open the front door to sign for the package lol.

  2. @andy: I was having some trouble squeezing the juice out of the .jpg. 🙂

    FLASH: We braved the madding crowds at the grocery store at lunchtime and picked up a couple of limes, after they failed to materialize on the counter overnight.

    We are well-prepared now, in case of emergency.

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