and it’s snowing!

snowfall, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

The falling snow makes everything seem so soft-focus and surreal.

Everyone’s home safe and sound, and now we can enjoy the snowstorm from the comfort of our warm, cozy home.

There are quilts to be sewn, presents to be wrapped, and hot chocolate with marshmallows to be consumed.

(There are also PowerPoint presentations to be created, project plans to be reviewed, PBCs to be written, and toilets to be cleaned, but that doesn’t sound NEARLY as good.)


One thought on “and it’s snowing!

  1. Oh my goodness. Maybe you’ll get a white Christmas after all. Hooooooraaaaaay. All tucked up in that lovely house too. I bet Bodie is in heaven. Don’t tell me you’re endeavouring on making a Thai feast with that lime? Or could it be even in winter you’re STILL on those G&T’s. I hope santa drops one down the chimney real soon. (A lime that is).

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