I love my new iPhone

I love my new iPhone, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Lookee how pretty it is, now that I’ve wiped my drool off of it.

It’s black, and shiny, and pretty and OH. MY. GOD, did you know you could download APPLICATIONS for it?!?!?

What WILL they think of next?

So far, my favorite free apps are:

  • The Weather Channel
  • Flixster (I can’t tell you HOW many times I’ve watched the trailer for Despereaux)
  • Google Earth
  • Big Oven (bread pudding, baby)
  • Wallpapers from Gelaskins – free wallpaper art from some of my favorite artists like Jaime Zollars, Colin Thompson and Brian Despain
  • Trace – this is the boy’s favorite so far
  • Shazam – I have yet to use this one, but it’s pretty cool
  • Shakespeare – the complete works of
  • Aurora Feint: the Beginning – a D&D themed Tetris-style game.
  • I’ve actually paid money for a couple of apps, most famously, the KOI POND, aka the best iPhone app EVER.

    I’ve also updated from the free version of Shanghai (a mah jongg game) to a premium version.

    So, now, NOW, I need all of you to tell me what your favorite apps are.

    I need a good Twitter app. And what else is out there that I don’t know about yet?

    Tell me, tell me, TELL ME!

    I’ll be right here, playing with my new toy.


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