oh, the possibilities!

I love this time of year.

Not the partying part, nosirree, Bob. You won’t catch me out clubbing or partying or First Nighting or any of that rot, although I did get sparkly nail polish in honor of the new year.

What I like is the wrapping up of the old year, and the joys and possibilities of the new year. A clean slate. A fresh beginning. Another whole year in which to make magic.

Or not… it’s purely up to me.

I love new calendars.

My new Edward Gorey Neglected Murderesses 2009 wall calendar is hanging, ready for use.

I’ve got January 2009 in my day planner. I know, I know, I’m a giant tool, but I forget fewer things this way.

I’ve got lists and plans everywhere.

Some of the possibilities:

  • A dream-come-true trip to Australia and New Zealand in February?
  • Another dog, perhaps?
  • Weddings, maybe one of my own? 🙂

I’ve got lists of books I want to read/re-read, including Thoreau’s Walden. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even visit Walden Pond this year.

I’ve got LOADS of resolutions, mostly around not being such a airhead this year. No, really. This year, I will be totally together. Well, not totally. I’ve officially given up matching socks, but otherwise, I will be super-efficient.

I love the organizational bent of January. Lifestyle magazines filled with organizational tips, featuring color-coordinated storage bits, clean desks, and organized drawers. I turn the pages, and have shiny visions in my head of getting my house totally and finally organized.


Like THAT will ever happen.

But I get credit for wanting it, right?


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