A full day

I am fatigued.

I went Back to Work yesterday. Oh, my, what a productive couple of days I’ve had. Gone is the lethargic pajama-clad sloth of the past two weeks.



I am woman. Hear me roar.

photo courtesy of flickr user foundphotoslj

I had two days of good, productive fun.

Now, another winter storm is bearing down. Snow! Ice! Locusts! According to Universal Hub, the French Toast Alert Level is “Guarded”, but I’m thinking the needle must be stuck because I just got back from the grocery store, and based on my near-death experience, I’m calling High.

Yes. YES. I know. I am ashamed. We succumbed to the mass hysteria gripping the region and went to the grocery store after work today, with the original idea of “bopping in quickly” to pick up the requisite toilet paper, milk, bread and dog food, but leaving the store $100 lighter and with a overflowing grocery cart.

Apparently, every other resident of town had the same idea.

And, of course, we brought the bananamobile.


We should have brought the dog. THAT would have been PERFECT.

So anyway, we have 10 cans of soup and a GALLON of milk and dog food AND a generator AND 50 feet of extension cord.

Bring it on, bitches.

AndandAND, I got THIS:


p.s. the new faucet has arrived! w00t!


6 thoughts on “A full day

  1. I just upped it to Yellow because I guess I’m Boston-centric and people aren’t panicking here yet – probably because we didn’t face Icy Death last time.

  2. I just learned that the local historians are collecting photos and stories of the last ice storm for future generations. Aren’t THEY the lucky ones! 🙂

  3. I’d call “wimp”, but having grown up in the center of Metrowest, and now living on the eastern side of Arlington Heights, I know there’s a huge difference. I’m not sure if it’s actually the airflow from all the car exhausts along 128, or if it’s the ring of hills around Boston including the Heights, but there’s a clear difference in weather, both winter and summer. I’ll take the Boston area weather – from the sea – over the Metrowest weather from NY, anytime.

    Good luck with the dog and the generator, I’m jealous about the latter. Although I can boast a household where we can cook (stovetop only) and take a hot shower even when the power is out (sans generator, natch). No heat though.

    I do have to dock you points for your last purchase. Cocoa Krispies rule the chocolately cereal world!

  4. Agreed. Cocoa Krispies rock. I’ve not yet TRIED the Chocolate Lucky Charms, but was unable to resist the siren call of chocolate AND marshmallows. I don’t know if they are “magically delicious”, but will advise.

  5. Woohoo! The Beverly Hillbillys! Can you believe I only saw that for the first time a couple of nights ago because it was on the telly, and I thought it was hilarious! Probably because I can relate to a lot of the scenes!

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