worshipping the radiator

worshipping the radiator, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

This is Kitty-kitty. The Grande Dame. She’s about a thousand years old. She’s skinny and frail. Her eyes are so clouded over now that we’re not really sure what, if anything, she can see anymore.

However, there is NOTHING wrong with either her hearing or her sense of smell. She can detect a can of tuna opening from across the house and will be there before you’ve finished with the can opener.

She eats. She sleeps. She purrs. She seeks out heat.

The breakfast room radiator is one of her favorite spots in the winter. Once the old steam heat gets cranking, there’s no warmer place in the house. She knows EXACTLY when to leave the relative comfort of my bed with its toasty down comforter, and take up her post, facing the radiator, soaking up the heat for as long as the cycle lasts.

It’s a bizarre sight, but totally understandable.

And there’s plenty of room.


Join us.

Worship the radiator.


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