I heart CVS

Yes, the drug store.

And it’s NOT about the “as seen on TV” aisle, although that’s a pretty rocking place.

I’m talking about the way they have transformed their pharmacy business to make it incredibly simple and painless to manage one’s prescriptions.

For years, I have been taking medicine on a daily basis to manage my blood pressure and migraines. Up til recently, my usual modus operandi was to blithely take my pills every day until they are gone, and then scramble madly to get my refills (it’s considered sub-optimal to miss doses of BP medicine).

Now, every month, about a week before I’m due to run out, I get a lovely phone call from the CVS robot saying he’s noticed that my refills are due and would I like to refill them?

Would I!

If I’ve run out of refills, he offers to contact the doctor for me.

When my prescriptions are ready, I get another phone call from Mr. CVS Robot, telling me they are ready for pickup. If I forget, I get another phone call. And again, until I get off my sorry ass and pick them up.

And today, I get an email from CVS notifying me of the availability of a year-end report on my prescription history, for tax purposes.

Bravo, CVS. You rock.

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One thought on “I heart CVS

  1. I keep hearing about CVS from different sources – maybe they need to expand to the UK lol. My Dad always forgets to get his inhalers renewed then wonders why he gets wheezy!

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