where were we? Ah yes, 25 things

Whose bright idea was this, anyway?



17. I still sleep with a Comfort Object. Strange term, that, no? I’ve slept with one for as long as I can remember. Currently, it’s an orange cat of unbelieveable softness and cuddliness. No, it doesn’t have a name. That would just be silly.

18. My mother died very suddenly, at age 44, of a brain aneurysm. She was here, then she was gone. I was 20.

19. Soon after, I dropped out of college, and sold my car in order to buy a 2-month Eurail pass and an Icelandair ticket to Luxembourg. I had an incredible time, backpacking through Europe.

20. Then I joined the Air Force. That was SSgt. Kellypuffs to YOU, bucko.

21. I used to write assembler for a living.

22. I can’t whistle.

23. I loved Star Trek (the original TV series). I hated all the Star Wars movies except the first.

24. My favorite color is periwinkle. Or fuchsia. Maybe it’s teal. No, coral. Watermelon. Lime green. Turquoise…. cerise….

25. Yay! We’re done! Yay! Yay!

26. And one more for good measure.

27. Gee, this was fun.

28. Let’s do it again sometime.

29. Or not.

30. The end.

1-15: The first 15 things.
16. Number 16.


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