simplify, simplify, simplify

Obsessing with organizing, simplicity, minimalism, and lightening up these days.

There’s the usual January bustle of de-cluttering and organizing, but I’ve been unusually ruthless this year.

It started with an obsession with shackitecture, courtesy of Dinosaurs and Robots. Tiny houses with flair.

My favorite these days is Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. I must have watched this video 10 times this weekend:

I love it.

Which brings us to The 100 Thing Challenge. Dave is living with 100 things or less this year.

I’m going to engage in my own little 100 Things challenge of the intellectual exercise sort. I’m going to pretend that next year, I’m going to be living in a Tumbleweed House of my very own. What 100 things would be my must-haves in my 100 sq. ft. nest?

I’ll keep you posted on my 100 Things list as it develops. Interesting that the first items on the list are:

1. macbook (all the necessary cables and wires and stuff.)
2. iPhone (ditto)
3. Camera (ditto)
4. sketchbook & pencil case (pens & pencils, erasers, etc)
5. watercolor set
6. one sewing machine (Bernina or the Featherweight? NOT the serger or the treadle machine.)
7. one sewing basket, stuffed with as much sewing stuff as I can get in there (inc. needles, pins, thread, scissors, etc.)
8. Courthouse Steps Quilt
9. Quilt
10. My stuffed cat

Not 100% sure I NEED anything else, but I’ll keep thinking about it. I’ve posted a new page on this blog, where I’ll be updating the list.

Stay tuned.


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