on the issue of the dog

It’s occurred to me, now that I’ve had a chance to think about it a little bit, that there is at least one major problem with the whole Master Tiny House Plan.

His name is Bodie.

Can you imagine?!? A tiny house requires a tiny pet, and the Wonder Dog is anything but tiny.

The Girl thinks the Tiny House is the coolest thing EVER, and wants in on it. She’s making her list, but she thinks it will be only 50 things. I’m not sure if it will include the ferret.

So I’ve now got my own little Smurf Village starting … the Boy will have to have his own Tiny House …. then there’s the Dog….

And then there’s Himself. He’d have to legally change his name to Brainy Smurf. Or would he be Handy? And we’d need to double the size of the tiny house to accommodate another person.

160 sq. ft.

While we’re at it, could we have another few square feet for a hot tub?

And what about wifi?!?

Do you think I could talk the Colonel into being Papa Smurf?


5 thoughts on “on the issue of the dog

  1. Haha! I couldn’t stand being in a tiny house, but it would certainly exist. You just reminded me that we had a bus driver when I was in High School, and we called him Papa Smurf…me, I never saw the Smurfs, but apparently he looked like him!

  2. If a smurf is already blue, how can you tell when it stops breathing?

    I think i could live in a tiny house but I’d seriously have to get rid of so much stuff lol

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