mail me the ants

I just used the phrase “mail me the ants” in a blog comment, and it occurred to me that it might be a rather obscure reference, and since the story behind it is quirky and fun and centered around one of the many colorful characters that have populated Himself’s life, I thought it was worth sharing.

“Mail me the ants.” was coined by one Maurice Vincent, who, along with Himself Senior, worked in the Illinois Information Service during the Ogilvie adminstration, back in the Bronze Age, who expressed his decided opinions on picnics in his pithy 4-word response above.

Maurice was a gifted communicator, both iin speech and in writing. He wrote speeches for the governor, and was a prolific letter writer to the Letters to the Editor section of the Illinois State Journal-Register. He developed a cult following and was often asked to speak at events, a la

with opening remarks by Maurice Vincent

“Mail me the ants.”

I love it.

He would have made a kick-ass blogger.


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