photo courtesy of flickr user CarbonNYC.

Today marks the three-year birthday of this blog.

I love blogging. Blogging and twittering. Twittering and blogging.

For three years, I’ve just been faithfully recording here little things that tickled my fancy or rocked my world. Nothing more. My own little corner of t’internets that I could dress up in pretty colors and make my own.

Yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah.

And yet, you’re still here.

In three years, I haven’t published any thought-provoking, erudite commentary on affairs topical and serious. I haven’t delivered subject matter expertise or life-changing tips. I haven’t figured out how to make money doing this, nor am I particularly interested in doing so, nor am I inclined to want to teach YOU how to do so.

And yet, you’re still here.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for being there.

If you are interested, stay tuned … I’m sure much of the same with be forthcoming.


8 thoughts on “three

  1. My … 3 years has gone awfully quickly. You may not think this blog has been life changing but I would never have met you otherwise… that’s pretty life changing.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE from me too.

  2. Excellent blog. If I don’t connect every day it means I get to read an accumulation and that’s something to look forward to. Happy birthday. PR

  3. I read your blog on occasion. I came upon it via a google search one time and it reminds me of home in New England. Keep writing 🙂

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