on losing a day and being an idiot

Really really REALLY bizarre start to the day today. I ended up sleeping on the couch last night, because my legs were aching. When Himself came downstairs at 6:30am, I jumped up, startled, asked “what time is it?”, and when he told me, I threw off the quilt, raced upstairs and jumped into the shower.

It takes me a really really long time to really wake up in the morning, no, REALLY, and as I’m doing my shower thing, the thoughts are slowly tumbling through my half-awake and very slow brain.

Monday. Ok, Monday. What’s on the schedule for today? Is there a KCS training session scheduled for today? No. Okay. Good. Is today the day I’m supposed to talk to John’s team about client self-assist? No. No, that’s Wednesday. Ok. I’ll just race through this shower, dress and show up at the office just a teensy bit late, and pretend that I didn’t oversleep. No one will know. It’ll be ok.


Why is Himself here? He was supposed to fly out on Sunday to teach a class in Virginia.

Did he forget to go to the airport? Oh. my. God. He forgot to go to the airport. They are expecting him to show up today in VIRGINIA to teach a printing class and he’s wandering around the house (which, when I went to bed last night, was NOT in Virginia) in his robe and slippers, making coffee. Oh, he’s going to be in SUCH trouble.

Why is he doing this? Is he STOOPID?

No, he’s really NOT that stoopid. Or irresponsible. I remember he did the early check-in thing yesterday afternoon. (He is incredibly organized, and sets an alarm to remind him when he can do the early check-in thing.)

So why? Why is he here?

I’m starting to wake up now.

Wait. How soon can you do the check-in thing? 24 hours ahead of time. Okay. 24 hours.

The tumblers start to fall into place.

That means he’s leaving TODAY. This afternoon. It’s not Monday, it’s SUNDAY. I’m standing in the shower, in a panic, at 6:30am on a Sunday morning when I could be enjoying a leisurely lie-in.

Who’s the idiot now. Hmmm?


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