mom and me, 1960

mom and me, 1960, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Hunted out this picture today to illustrate a blog post that never quite came together. But I thought I’d share the picture anyway. 🙂

My mom was as camera-shy as I am, and as a result, I have few photos of her.

This is Easter Sunday, 1960 at Clark Air Base in the Philippines.

My pet dinosaur is off-camera.


8 thoughts on “mom and me, 1960

  1. Boy. She was a stunner. Love the frock too. Wish I’d seen the dinosaur. Would still love to read the post too.

  2. It’s definitely a Chevy, and after a small amount of research I can definitively say it’s a ’55.

    Pontiac two-tone paint was light on the front fenders and roof, not the rear upper quarter like Chevy and ’56 two-tone curved down to the bumper on the lower line and the ’55 models have a straight line.

    Hard to guess the color. Green, blue, pink, yellow?

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