in case you were wondering….

Writer’s Block Kit, by Elizabeth Dilk

No, I haven’t really fallen off the face of the earth. Just suffering a bad case of writer’s block.


So if someone could just send me one of these (as seen on Notcot, of course), I’d be eternally grateful.


Elizabeth Dilk
Writers Block Kit

Check it out. It’s a pretty nifty project.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here, starting several pathetic drafts that go nowhere or staring at the blank screen.

Or both.

I wonder if there’s any chocolate in the house?


4 thoughts on “in case you were wondering….

  1. Yeah, Kelly I was wondering a little about that, but your photos still hold forth very well. So, two theories: either Lotus Notes sucked out a bunch of good stories from you via the “Inbox -9” trick or (more likely) you need to recharge by reading a bit. Are you really still on “Murder at the Vicarage”? Besides that hilarious writer’s block kit you could try watching a replay of a Sox spring training game, that’s always good for making the mind wander …

  2. Impressive kit, now if that doesn’t put a spark in your mind, nothing will!

    Have you tried Googling “inspiring things” or the like? Simple, but something like that usually sparks me up with my photography.

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