what one does when one has writers block

Just because I’m currently incapable to stringing two coherent sentences together in a blog post, it doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting idle.

Oh, no.

I re-read both Winnie-the-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner, two of my all-time favorite comfort books. I got the 40th anniversary editions from the library, complete with color plates of the original Ernest Shepard illustrations. Great stories AND pretty pictures.

Inspired by Princess Lasertron, I attempted some button flowers of my own, with fabric yo-yos. I started safe with some pastel 30s florals, but I think I’m trying a few Caribbean-bright batik yo-yos tonight.

I drove my car back and forth to work for several days with the flat tire warning light on. That’s ok, right?

After a strenuous puttering session on Saturday morning, I indulged myself at the farm market NOT by buying healthy local vegetables, but by purchasing instead a dozen purple tulips, a package of tortas de aceitas, and an almond croissant.

I then spent Sunday feeling guilty about the carbon footprint of my little shopping spree.

I finished the Jane Austen novel I was reading and started Versailles: A Biography of a Palace.

I gave up eating spoonfuls of chocolate frosting directly from the container for Lent. I’m all about self-sacrifice.

I then ate 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

And I made this:


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