in which I guest on dogear nation!


I have been remiss in not announcing that the very kind folks over at Dogear Nation had a momentary lapse in judgment and invited me to be a guest on last week’s podcast. 🙂

I’m afraid I didn’t provide much value, but am too scared to find out. (If I were a movie star (*snort*), I’d be one of those who has never seen her own films.)

Here’s a synopsis of the episode:

Michael, Michael, and Andy welcome special guest Kelly Drahzal, who doesn’t have a twitter weather station at home. Our 3D Internet section is all about augmented reality videos, ads and design. Michael R. is positive that we’ve seen the Mini cooper ad before; however, our bad show notes don’t help him find the prior episode – perhaps our listeners can help. We once again dig into Twitter and it’s impact on current culture thanks to The Daily Show – with Jon Stewart. And then wrap up the show discussing the new Kindle and the new Kindle App for the iPhone, while Andy gripes about it’s availability in the UK. Has Amazon finally gotten the Kindle right by moving to multiple platforms?

Thanks to Michael, Michael and Andy for letting me play.

I’d love to do it again!


4 thoughts on “in which I guest on dogear nation!

  1. Thanks for that, I was glad to hear your voice and the proper pronunciation of your last name. I was intrigued by your comments about Twitter, and I think maybe you could stave off another bout of writers block by again weighing in on the subject here as well. It seems to be the topic of the season. Good stuff.

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