Yay, spring!

first flower, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Finally, a couple of signs of spring.

I give you … the first flower to bloom in my garden … a solitary crocus.

And, another exciting seasonal development, trees in Carlisle are being tapped for maple syrup.



4 thoughts on “Yay, spring!

  1. Wow. You guys are much later than us. We’ve got the whole hog going at the moment. No Maple syrup though. I’ve always wanted to know how they do it. Maybe you should plant a forest of maples. How long do they take to bear syrup? Is that what you say? Bear syrup, it sounds really wrong.

  2. yes, I am extremely jealous of your short winters and early springs. There’s still snow on the ground here under the trees, although I hope that will be gone by this weekend.

    I’m so starved for some spring color that I’ve taken to buying a bunch of tulips every weekend, and to hell with my carbon footprint.

    A girl needs flowers, dammit.

  3. Argh I’m jealous…coming into Autumn now, and I’m remembering all the reasons why I hate winter so much! =(

    YOU’RE KIDDING?!?! Maple syrup comes from trees? Namely, Maples?!?!?! I SWEAR I DIDN’T KNOW THAT! God I sound blonde, I swear I’m not! =(

  4. 🙂 I know … it sounds improbable, but it’s TRUE!

    What I didn’t realize was that maple syrup is such a local thing … very localized to New England and eastern Canada.

    And I only recently discovered that blueberries are an American thing too.

    And I was only blonde as a young child. 🙂

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