the Strange family

This picture has nothing to do with the following post. I just LIKE it, ok?

The Girl called tonight.

From the laundromat. She was bored. So we chatted for several minutes about various important topics:

April Fools Day

I have mixed feelings about April Fools Day. On the one hand, some of the pranks are quite amusing. I think my favorite this year was the Guardian’s story about switching from 188 years of print to twitter. But it’s a fairly obvious prank.

On the whole, however, I’m a little too gullible for April Fools Day. To my everlasting shame, NPR caught me one year with a story about (and I kid you not) Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbett announcing that we had just sold Arizona to Mexico so they could have a salt-water port. I don’t remember exactly when the penny dropped and I realized that it was a horrible, miserable April Fools Day joke. Let’s just say it was embarrassingly late, and leave it at that, shall we? So I find myself approaching the entire day with caution. Is this a real email? Or a joke? A real news story? Or a prank?

It’s very tiring. Madame would prefer her April Fools Day jokes with giant banners reading “April Fools!”


The Ethical Complexities around Stovetop Reflectors

At what point is it ok to throw away your gross old stovetop reflector pans, and purchase new clean ones at Kmart for $1.99? Just how MUCH effort should one expend trying to clean them before throwing in the towel?

We suspect the answer is much different this year than it would have been, oh, say, five years ago.

What the World Needs, in the Worst Way

Laundromats with wifi and coffee. Or wifi and gin & tonics.

Our new favorite word in the entire world.


It all started with a text I received from the Girl a couple of evenings ago:

How many legs do lobsters have not including the claws

followed shortly by:

How many legs do lobsters have not including the claws woman!

I guessed 5. I was wrong.

Lobsters are decapods. 10 legs. Actually, 8 legs and those big old claws. The Girl would like it to be known that in HER humble opinion, 10 legs is a little excessive for a crustacean.

We’re changing our name to Decapod.

Kellypuffs Decapod.

Your MOM’s a decapod.


9 thoughts on “the Strange family

  1. I have a flattop electric stove (which I love), but the thing to do with your reflector pans is to wrap them in aluminum foil. When they get dirty, throw the foil away and wrap again. A solution for less than $1.99!

    Regarding lobsters, what I find more disturbing than 10 tasty legs to carefully extract meet from is the fact that some part of their innards is called a “tamale”, is nasty green, and is considered a delicacy.

  2. A few years ago the local radio station woke everyone up by telling them to do an experiment, by getting everyone listening to flush their toilets at a certain time (say, 8am), all at the exact same time to see if would cause a backup or something. CLASSIC!

    Decapod…don’t let apple (the iPod company) hear you say that!!!

  3. You’re a decapod.
    The other day we went to Cambridge to the zoology museum and there was a spider with ten legs. Oooooh yuck, I’d rather a lobster any time.

  4. Jo.L are you sure it had ten legs? Spiders are arachnids and have 8 legs. If yours had 10 it’s either a mutant or an alien.

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