what I’ve been doing for the past week

tatting 1, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.


And this is what I have to show for it.

I like to learn things. I like to make things. I like learning how to make things. And, because I obviously have problems, I usually teach myself.

Oh sure. I could take classes and learn from the experts, but that would be too easy.

So this week, I suffered one of my periodic bouts of wanting to learn to tat. Tatting is a form of lacemaking. More delicate than crochet, it can be done with the finest of threads.

Every decade or so, I have attempted to teach myself to tat, and it’s always ended badly, in tangled threads and tears.

I mean, look at these pictures. And then try to reverse it all in your head so you can do it left-handed.
It can’t be done.

This year, I discovered needle tatting. Instead of knotting and looping the thread in thin air, you use a long tatting needle. Still fiddly, but now not impossible.

It only took me 4 days, 439 failed versions and half a ball of thread.

And look! I have a 3 inch lace flower.

In black.

But more importantly, I can TAT.

*bounce* *bounce*


2 thoughts on “what I’ve been doing for the past week

  1. I have always had the same problems with tatting (I’m also left handed!) I have my great grondmother’s tatting hooks and I really want to be able to use them! I should probably try needle tatting instead, I don’t think I’ve tried that.

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