ask kellypuffs

This is your chance.

Utterly failing to come up with any good original content lately, I am throwing myself on the mercy of my readers.

What do you want to hear about?

What questions do you have?

How can I help divert you?

Anyone got a good meme?

Please. 🙂


9 thoughts on “ask kellypuffs

  1. OK, writers’ block is a common enough malady and it rarely lasts long. So for god’s sake DO NOT think of canning this blog. It’s one of the best I’ve encountered. For the duration of your spiritual desiccation you might show us a lot more of your drawings and watercolours. They are very good. Have you done any in Stockholm? (one of my favourite cities). Bear up. Peter R.

    1. ooh — have to take you up on this offer!

      why do my kids get so much joy out of making ‘potions’ using my toothpaste, setting them on the bathroom countertops and then having them spill all over the place?

  2. Gardening. I am new to perennials, someone gave me a bunch of coleus if you have any tips specific to our Boston area. Bloodleaf too.

  3. This is just too good an opportunity to miss. I just invited all Dogear Nation listeners to come and ask you questions.

    Our first question is – what is the 256th digit of pi?

    The second – why are all the bees vanishing?

    More to come.

  4. Bless you all! Blog fodder! And I’m going to be enjoying a week off starting tonight, so lots of time to answer these questions and more.

    Stay tuned!

  5. Here’s one you may be able to research:

    Why are there like 50 different types of screws if they all hold the stuff together? Are Philips screws superior to flathead? What about Hex?

    That’s been bothering me all the time. Thanks ‘mam!

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