staycation, the beginning

Whoo hoo! I’m officially on vacation! Last time I took time off, I think, was over the Christmas holidays.

In a perverse sort of way, I’m glad that the economy has made “staycations” fashionable again, because they’ve ALWAYS been my kind of vacation.

So for the next 9 days, the world is my oyster. 9 days that I can devote to puttering and playing. Just what does Kellypuffs do when she doesn’t HAVE to do anything?

Let’s see where the journey takes us.

So far today, I have:

– made my morning run to Dunkin Donuts at a more reasonable hour of the morning, and purchased a donut to go with my morning coffee.

– got my nails done, and heard all about my kitten, born on April 30th to my manicurist’s cat. So, mid-June, look forward to weeks of this blog being nothing but gushing and cooing over the new member of the household.

– went to the library, where I renewed a couple of books on tatting and painting, and picked up a few more (um, seven more). Books on crocheting, drawing, a couple of novels and even the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts. I’ll be back there on Monday, probably. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, the idea of which tickles me to no end.

– gotten THIS earworm stuck in my head. Just this phrase: “Hey, mambo, mambo Italiano”. Over and over again. Curse you, Olive Garden. And then, I found this, quite possibly my NEW most favorite thing on t’internets:

Anyone know who this guy is?


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