where the bees have gone

Staycation, Day 2 featured the first lawn mowing of the season and a homemade cherry pie.

And we bought a Boston Globe, in case it’s the last one.

But most importantly, I’ve got the answer to Andy‘s question “Where have all the bees gone?”. Actually, he wants to know why. I don’t, in all honesty, have an answer for THAT, but I can tell you where they went.

They’re all here. And they’ve brought their friends. The wildest party is happening in the giant rhododrendron, which is in full, riotous bloom (and humming) by the mud room door. But things are picking up in the ancient lilac bushes, too. More and more bees arrive every day.

It’s like a little bee Woodstock. Wanna see?

Okay, they were VERY busy. Always moving. Think of it as a game of Where’s Waldo?

Honest, there was a bee there a second ago….

As to why … who knows? Well, they know, but they’re not telling.

But if you’re missing a bee, chances are he’s here.


5 thoughts on “where the bees have gone

  1. Unimpressed. The theories range from the scientific one about there being some mites that are affecting them, to the Dr Who version that they are leaving our galaxy to return to their own. You have failed to shed any light on the issue in either direction.

    All I have to say, therefore, is: pft!

  2. Whereas I do believe I have set forth a third, entirely MORE credible theory, backed up with photographic evidence, of where the bees are …

    What more do you require? Party hats? Bloons and blowy things?

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