Vacation, with its lovely gift of time, yields the chance to engage in some in-depth (some might say “endless”) exploration and experimentation.

For those of you not yet screaming “ENOUGH OF THE TATTING, ALREADY!”, I give you … more!

On the sage advice of t’internets, I have created a couple of sample books from drug-store photo sleeves, to use as sample books (or just a great way to store your bits until needed):

And a black one, for my goth tatting:

I have tatted until the cows came home. I’m now completely comfortable with size 8 thread, and will be starting on size 10 today. Then size 12.

Then microscopic thread.

Then blindness.

Also, for Andy, the number of jelly beans York mints I can fit into the bananamobile?



3 thoughts on “experimentation

  1. Whate a cute graphic you have for your “tat-bits”..now is this a journal…like a tatting journal? Was that already explained and somehow I’ve missed it!? It’s all so very cute. It looks like the black and white pages you put the white tatting on are journal pages and very cute ones at that.

    Keep on tatting! I can’t get enough! 🙂

  2. yeah, a tatting journal is a good way to think about it. 🙂

    I found a couple of cheap plastic photo albums at the drug store. I created covers for them out of my paper/collage bits, and then put pretty scrapbooking paper in each of the sleeves to set off the tatting.

    Went with pink/green shabby chic look for the traditional white/ivory tatting, and a black and white theme for my black and lavender tatbits.

    My idea was that I could create samples of my favorite patterns in my library book and then return it.

    Also makes a good place to store all the “attempts” 🙂

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