all kellypuffs, all the time

Just when I thought my social software dance card was full….

I twitter and I blog. I bookmark neat stuff on My resume is on LinkedIn. I post my pictures on flickr. I try to remember to keep my reading list updated on GoodReads. I swap books on Every once in a while, I remember to go to Facebook. (If you, too, are on any of these, and we haven’t yet connected, please do!)

With so much going on, I made the active decision to stop blogging and twittering behind the IBM firewall (sorry, Ben!), just because it was all just too too much to keep up with.

Faced with an overload of social networking, what do I do? MORE, of course!

I’ve launched the Notes from Rational Support developerWorks blog. And a few weeks ago, I created a twitter account for Rational Client Support – @RationalSupport, of course, where I try to share useful support content and information. I volunteer to help with our Rational developerWorks community forums.

And I’m loving it all!

And then there’s the Rational Software Conference, where I will be blogging, twittering, and flickring my brains out. Looks like this year, most of my content for that will be on the dW blog, but I’ll be sure to share some fun stuff here as well.

But (and it’s an important But) let it be known that I am NOT @keppyluffs.


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