cooler than moleskine

new sketchbooks, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Behold my new sketchbooks. Although you wouldn’t know it from the meager amount of “artwork” appearing on this blog lately, I have actually been going through a prodigious amount of paper. I have only a couple of pages left in the small quad-ruled moleskine. I also needed some more pens.

So off I went to the stationers. I love stationers … even Staples.

Oooh. Shiny.

I can wander the aisles of paper and pens and stickers and vellum and paint and canvas for hours. The Prismacolor marker stand alone can keep me entranced for a large part of that time.

Anyways, it was MAGIC.

I found THESE.

Greater Good sketchbooks.

Green, of course. Recycled, of course. Note the no-nonsense tag covers and the rubber bands.

But the REAL excitement is the paper inside.

What IS this? The faint imprint of print? Is that highlighter?

No, what we have here is a sketchbook with each page is the back side of a folded discarded piece of paper from a university.

In Thailand.

SOOO much cooler than Moleskines.


6 thoughts on “cooler than moleskine

  1. I had a dream about these notebooks thanks to reading your blog last night. I think I was angry at them. Not sure though.

  2. I have a tendency to print all my documents two-up on a page, to cut out the half pages that have no print, and to make those into notebook. When I was in an office, you would be surprised at how fast I could create new notebooks!

    I find I don’t print nearly as much now that I work at home.

  3. I want to know what’s on that page now. And all the other pages! Bet there’s something that shouldn’t be in there. You can draw on them after you’ve checked 🙂

  4. I am sure you won’t be surprised to hear that we were already considering that. I love curiosities.

    And when I showed the sketchbooks to Himself, his immediate reaction was to say “you know, I could just take that into the office and give it a face trim… open up the pockets.”

    Great idea! I’ll be sure to share some of the scans 🙂

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