4 thoughts on “would you believe…?

  1. oh yeah. I forgot I did that. At one point, quite a while ago, I decided to put some family photos “behind the firewall”.

    I wonder which ones?

  2. A noble face.

    Our kittens decided that today was a good day to discover that we do, in fact, have a Western Rattlesnake on the lot. And that they’re ever so much fun to tease. They have this noisemaker, see? It’s just like a toy!

    The ever-alert b. noticed what was happening in time to lob some garden implements close enough to break up the fun.

    I know we can’t hope to herd cats. But is there a way to train them that rattlers are bad news? Without the “getting fanged” part of the process?

  3. You know, I’ve often thought that I’d like to live in your neck of the woods … but I didn’t know about the rattlers.

    All we have to worry about here are moose and coyote and the occasional fisher cat.

    I think I’ll stay here.

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