how do you like my new camera?

sweetpeas!, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Himself surprised me this week with a new camera … an Olympus E-520!

I guess he got sick of seeing my blurry pics at RSC2009.

Still a DLSR, but with lots more magic built in that I haven’t figured out how to use yet.

Best of all, my old lenses work in the new camera!



5 thoughts on “how do you like my new camera?

  1. Ooo … nice camera! I have the Olympus E500 which is older but I love. Definitely a camera to enjoy.
    PS. Like the sweet pea too — it looks like the perennial ones we have.

  2. Thats cool 🙂 My OH bought me a little point and shoot for my birthday in April – I love it and it’s well travelled (he took it to India with him)

  3. Nowadays they have some cameras with larger batteries that last a long time. I only have to recharge them about once a week. The newest Canon Rebel XSi that I got has a different battery that lasts even longer.

    But it all depends on how you use the camera and if you turn things off between shots. I know on my biggest lenses that I turn things off all the time and can get the battery to last twice as long that way versus leaving it on. Leaving it on causes the image stabilization motors to run every time the camera is moved even though you are not taking a picture. So either turn the feature off or turn the camera off. Sometimes I do both.

    I am firing up my Coopers Hawk blog again. This time I hope to keep at it until I get a lot of hawk photos online.

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