she can teach you much, grasshopper

her preferred vantage point, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

The upside down cat.

She’s morbidly obese in spite having a rigorously controlled diet. As wide as she is long, she’s the only cat I’ve ever had who voluntarily reclines flat on her back.

Back legs splayed, front legs curled in kangaroo fashion.

She will gaze upon the upside down world with great satisfaction, purring the entire time. Then she’ll fall asleep only to awaken herself a short time later with a sleep apnea-like snort.

She’s preternaturally serene. She comes when called, loves to ride on your shoulders as you walk around the house (she’s particularly fond of the view from such a great height), or curl up on your chest. NOT your lap. She’s can’t rub her face against your cheek that way.

She lives totally in the moment and has no comprehension of the normal caste system of a household or her place in it. We’re all equal in her eyes … from Himself to the Wonder Dog.

We’re thinking of changing her name to Buddha.


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