living life on the edge

My latest toy came with the following warning:


By peeling this sticker, you agree to waive the right to sue xxxxxxxxx and their owners, officers, directors, employees and/or representatives for any injury, death, property damage, or incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of this product. You also agree to assume and accept all risks of serious bodily injury arising from the use of this product. This agreement is intended to provide a comprehensive release of liability, but it is not intended to assert any claims or defenses prohibited by law.

No, I didn’t buy a gun, a hyperbaric chamber, or a chainsaw.

This warning was on my new pair of Heelys. Sneakers with wheels built in.



8 thoughts on “living life on the edge

  1. Please explain how Heelys work. If one runs and then sort of just lifts the front soles does one scoot at high speed, like down corridors at work? Is control easily achieved? If I see you on the street should I make sure that I maneuver so that something substantial (like a phone pole) is between us? It does sound like an interesting variation on sneakers. But be careful – wear knee and elbow pads.

  2. OK, so these things have been around forever – I googled them (Wikipedia). Should have done that first. Some nasty injuries referenced. Get the pads. We need your blog.

  3. I love heelys! I threatened to get a pair when I worked at the Builders Merchant because I spend so much time walking from one end of the store to the other – now I work in an office it wouldn’t really benefit me lol.

    Don’t the paedeactric surgeons on Grey’s wear Heelys?

  4. You are cool; no, super cool; no lets say Uber cool.
    I remember seeing someone scooting on these in the French underground and being amazed and incredulous as to how they were gliding along like that.

  5. You’ll be happy to know that I survived my first 24 hours of Heelys. I have not broken my neck, nor have I rolled over the new kitten. I’ve not yet conquered them either, but hope springs eternal.

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