I believe we have reached a state of detente.

Have you wondered why you’ve ONLY seen pictures of the kitten lately?

The rest of the household has been in open revolt. I guess I should have asked them first… what THEY thought of bringing another kitten into the house. They would have told me it was a bad, BAD idea. They’ve certainly been telling me that ever since the kitten came to live with us.

Well, to be fair, they didn’t tell me much the first four days. Shocked and APPALLED by the newcomer, everyone retreated to higher ground. The guest bedroom, to be specific, where the old-timers huddled under the bed, muttered under their breath, and conspired against us.

There was yowling. There was hissing. There were unseemly displays of temper and hostility.

Someone peed that first day. And NOT in the litter box. I’m not naming names or pointing fingers, but I know it wasn’t me, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Himself. I have my suspicions, but they will go unvoiced at this time.

However, know that I am WATCHING.

The Wonder Dog was the first to warm up. They’ve become fast friends, the elephant dog and the tiny kitten, and my only concern is that he’ll unknowingly trample him, being the giant clumsy doofus that he is. On the other hand, I have caught the kitten trying to nurse on the dog. So I think they’ll be okay.

Finally, slowly, the other cats are emerging from their self-imposed exile. Grandma will now share her dinner with the kitten. Jumbo and the Squig will now occasionally engage in a little mock battle while Big Grey just refuses to acknowledge his existence, simply stalking by with his tail in the air, and bearing the most palpable sense of righteous outrage I believe I’ve EVER witnessed in a cat.

The Squig.

His name became obvious within a couple of days. Squiggle. THE Andy Piper suggested it, and it’s a perfect fit. He IS a Squiggle.

Somehow, I think he’ll always be a Squiggle.

In other news – and to see if you are still paying attention – we wandered down to the town clerk’s office today and applied for a marriage license. We can pick it up on Friday, and then it’s good for 60 days.

We should probably do something with it by then.

However, the only place I REALLY want to get married is on William’s boat.


2 thoughts on “detente

  1. Just like the national media …. in a long column of not much import is buried the really important news. Congratulations!!

  2. yes, I did read all the way through. I’m delighted with your name for the kitten and even more delighted at your happy news. Many many loving years together…

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