wedding watch: update

Well, no, we’re not married yet.

We weren’t even successful getting the marriage license.

We applied for the license last Tuesday at the Town Hall. It was supposed to be ready on Friday.

In our usual half-assed way, we wandered up to the Town Hall Friday at 3pm, thinking that, well, if she was around and had nothing better to do, maybe we could just have the town clerk do it right then and there.

No muss, no fuss.

But when we arrived at the Town Hall, not only was the Town Clerk not THERE, the license wasn’t ready EITHER.

Epic FAIL, all around.

So, we’re supposed to be able to get the license today, but still have no idea how we’re going to get married.

Can’t you do this sort of thing on-line? You mean we have to leave the HOUSE? TALK to people?!?

Oh, the humanity!


6 thoughts on “wedding watch: update

  1. When we got our bands for the wedding (the kinda warning that we want to get married) you have to have it done like 4 weeks or something before the wedding so that people can object and stuff like that

  2. You could take a short cruise, but I understand that weddings performed by the captain are only valid for the duration of the cruise!!

  3. RP and I eloped — right to our own living room. We had a handful of people there — three couples and the person who married us, but you don’t even need that. You can’t do it online (yet) but you don’t have to leave home and there just need to be three of you (two people getting married and the person bringing you together). Congratulations in advance!

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