we’re quite pleased, as you can tell

couple, originally uploaded by cakes_n_wine.

We made it official last evening.

Tied the knot. Affixed “Ye Olde Ball and Chain”.

More details might be forthcoming.

Or they might not.


20 thoughts on “we’re quite pleased, as you can tell

  1. Brilliant! So pleased for you!!

    Only question is, which one is the ball and chain?

    I’m impressed by the wedding portrait, but disappointed that Bodie was not evident in his tux.

  2. So I don’t read my favorite blogs for a few days (alright for a week), and looks what happens. Loved the video and I even teared up, sentimental dope that I am! Congratulations to you and himself.

  3. Hi and congratulations and all best wishes – I’m late to comment because I was away (no, not in jail) and have only just returned to learn the momentous news. I only wish I could have been an official witness or something. Anyway you should turn up at Greg’s and Angela’s bash tomorrow night in West Townsend.
    Sorry to read of the dog-leg problem – from time to time M.Sgt. Frodo (promoted recently) tries to lick the fur off his right elbow. We’ve learned to indulge him, but we don’t have any clue about the motivation.
    Very best wishes from Margaret and me.

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