he’ll meet your momma outside

Oh my god. The entire Kellypuffs household is Rolling On The Floor, Laughing Our Collective Asses Off, and it’s relating to a news story that the rest of the nation seems to be taking pretty seriously – the story of the Harvard Professor arrested in Cambridge while breaking into his own house.

Imagine our glee while reading the following on CNN:

Crowley said he tried to determine whether there was someone else at the home and wanted to ensure Gates’ safety.

Gates, however, told him “that I had no idea who I was ‘messing’ with” and was being so loud that he could not give pertinent information to the department when he was calling in, the sergeant said.

Crowley’s report said that when he asked to speak with Gates outside, the professor at one point responded, “I’ll speak with your mama outside.”


Full CNN Article


3 thoughts on “he’ll meet your momma outside

  1. Somehow I missed this post. Like the KPHH, I get this remarkably silly grin on my face and nearly laugh out loud just thinking about this line as well. Every time. Six weeks after.

    I can see Gilda Radner having a field day with this: “What’s all this I keep hearing about the policeman arresting a professor for asking to say hello to his mother. That sounds like a very nice thing to do to me. Why when I was a girl, gentlemen always were so polite! They should arrest people who aren’t this nice, honking at me on the street and saying I’m slow! It’s an outrage!” Jane: “Miss Latella, …” “This nice man wants to meet the poli….” Jane: “Miss Latella!” “What?!?”

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