reunited, and it feels so good


Our As-Seen-On-TV dryer balls, both home and together once more.

I bet you weren’t thinking of dryer balls as being the traveling sort. But they hadn’t been home long before one went off with the Girl in her laundry basket, and before we had even had time to mourn, the other stowed away with Bob.

Months went by. We’d grown reconciled to our loss, and were even contemplating purchasing a NEW set of dryer balls, perhaps for Christmas. Two sets, as a matter of fact. We were going to break open one pack and give one ball each to the girls to complete THEIR sets, and get a new one of our own.

And, then, a miracle occurred. First, the Girl arrives home for a visit, RETURNING the dryer ball that hitched a ride with her Then, within days, Bob returns HER dryer ball.

What are the odds?


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