free at last

Once again, I have been freed from the tyranny of my inbox and calendar, and it is GOOD.

So, in spite of several hundred warnings to NOT DO IT, I initiated the steps to change my name at work. Lulling me into a false sense of security, I actually received mail in my new name for a couple of days before it all fell over and went boom.

Since Wednesday night of last week, I have not had access to my email or Lotus Notes calendar. Of course, I didn’t CARE on Thursday and Friday, because I wasn’t at work.

Then came Monday.


Yesterday morning, I panicked. Just a little. I went into the office, having no idea where I was supposed to be all day, nor what I was supposed to be doing. I missed meetings, I’m sure. And then there are those hundreds of emails piling up unread in my inbox.

Today, I find it liberating.

I’m freed from the tyranny of the daily grind, and forced to find other ways to share knowledge and communicate.

I’m picking up the phone (what a novel concept!). I’m getting up off my fat ass and walking down the hall to ask my question that way. I’m using our internal chat client.

Instead of living in my inbox, where I am interrupt-driven by whatever arrives there next, I’m living in our team wiki… making sure our project work is available to others, even if I can’t flood their inbox.

I’m more focused, less distracted, and my knowledge-sharing practices are improving.

I wonder if I can “break” email for ALL my peeps?!?


3 thoughts on “free at last

  1. I know that one! We had a fuse go in our building or something like that and they had to turn the power off to the whole building for the whole afternoon – I was sent home earlier because there was nothing to do that didn’t involve power of some description lol

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