Tea Forté

cool packaging, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

I am forever a sucker for cool packaging and design, and I loveloveloveLOVE these little individual tea bags from Tea Forté.

The stem and leaf are the “string” for the tea bag.


However, caveat emptor: you must be smarter than the tea bag, or you might experience the same thing we did yesterday afternoon, upon making our traditional post-work cuppa.

Himself, handing me my mug, ostensibly filled with English Breakfast: “Mmmm. This is good tea. I’ll drink it if you don’t like it.”

Me, taking my first sip: “Hmm. It’s good. It’s got something different in it, doesn’t it? Something citrusy, perhaps?”

Himself: “Mine’s not so good. Not very Earl Grey-ish at all.”

You can guess the rest.


2 thoughts on “Tea Forté

  1. Ooooh I’d KILL for a cup of Earl Grey. Tea is not big here in France. Well I guess I’ll have to make do with coffee and Oh whoops another eclair.

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