loot from the country fair

loot from the country fair, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

And here is this year’s bounty from the country fair:

Local farm-fresh produce: 3 mixed peppers, 2 cucumbers, 2 crap-loads of kale, a buttercup squash, 6 ears of corn, and raspberries.

Trash & Treasure Stall: 2 glass bell jars and an unopened package of micro-cassettes.

Library Book Sale: Party of One, The Loners’ Manifesto, by Anneli Rufus.

Church Ladies’ Jam And Handcrafts Stall: Mango Tango jam (peach, mango and hot pepper), set of 4 handmade autumnal leaf mug coasters, and a tea cozy.

The weather was miserable enough that we passed on our usual second trip around 2-3pm to load up on the end-of-day $1/bag fire sale.

It’s probably for the best.


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