another quilt rescue

P9194314.JPG, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Check out my new favorite vintage quilt, which I discovered as a tattered, dirty cast-off in a local consignment shop.

Minuses: it was pretty stained. the background muslin is pretty deteriorated.

Pluses: It was whole. No patches completely deteriorated. It was scrap patchwork – my favorite kind of quilt. The hand-quilting was abundant and meticulously done. The material is worn to a velvety softness. And it was cheap.

So I brought it home.

And after a good washing, a line dry, and the mending of a few seams, I find it’s MORE than good enough.

In fact, I’m starting to understand how Peanuts’ Linus feels.


3 thoughts on “another quilt rescue

  1. My two favorite local resources are Tables and Teapots in W. Acton (behind New London pizza), and Options on 119 in Littleton (the yellow commercial complex next to Citizens Bank. There’s also a clothing consignment shop at Options.

    Lots of fun stuff and prices are reasonable. 🙂

  2. I love it!!!

    I used to have a home made quilt on my bed when I lived at home with my parents – now I don’t. CJ doesn’t like the homey look he likes minimalist and tidy lol – I don’t see how they can’t be incorporated together lol.

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