you know I just HAD to buy some

you know I just HAD to buy some, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

As promised earlier in this blog, I did hie myself off to Bread and Circus Whole Foods in search of this much maligned Fentimans beverage.

And I found it. Two flavors of it, anyway.

I did NOT have to show ID.

However, we’ve decided that, Caution Being the Better Part of Valor, and All That, we’ll put off trying it until we’ve had enough time to consider all of the ramifications thoroughly.

Meanwhile, my gin & tonic is calling me.


3 thoughts on “you know I just HAD to buy some

  1. Update: we finally tried out the Fentimans. We waited until we were sure we were in for the night. Just in case, you know.

    Well, that didn’t matter. We opened the Fentimans Victorian Lemonade and each took a swig. It took Himself a while to come up with just the right description, but he finally found the words.

    “It’s like someone made lemonade with swimming pool water. And they forgot the sugar.”

    Oh, the disappointment.

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