I’m reading again. I’m rediscovering t…

I’m reading again.

I’m rediscovering the classics of literature, and I’m doing it on my iPhone, thanks to the free Stanza app and Project Gutenberg.

It took a little bit before I adjusted to the new media, but now I can “fall into” the story just as easily on the iPhone as I can reading a traditional book.

As the Project Gutenberg catalog is over 30,000 etexts of public domain works, I’m doing some exploring.

I’ve never read Les Misérables (nor have I ever seen the play). I am rectifying that now. And loving every single word.

I have an entire library at my fingertips.

What else should I read? What are your favorite bits of classic literature?

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5 thoughts on “I’m reading again. I’m rediscovering t…

  1. “The Count of Monte Cristo” – Dumas
    “To Kill a Mockingbird” – Lee
    “War and Peace” – Tolstoy
    “Gone with the Wind” – Mitchell
    “A River Runs Through It- Maclean
    “Message in a Bottle” – Sparks
    From my canine point of view there’s a doctorate in the human condition in those book’s pages.

  2. (personal to Himself: Kindle. Under the tree. Stat.)

    I love free classics!

    – Great Gatsby (doesn’t get any better than that)
    – Pride and Prejudice
    – Two Years Before the Mast (nonfiction)
    – Candide
    – Murder in the Cathedral (is that old enough to be classic?)
    – Alice, of course! (Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass — they’re both so you)
    – Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    – Picture of Dorian Grey (very scary, boys and girls)
    – Crime and Punishment (really, no, seriously, it’s a good read)

  3. I love Les Mis – I saw the play in London back in June and we were 7 rows from the front so we saw it all! I have some of the songs on CD in my car 🙂

    One of the lads at church is reading Pride and Prejudice! He told me yesterday – my first reaction was to laugh which was a little mean but then I said good on him!

    Erm top classics

    I have Crime and Punishment but never read it. I tried Jane Eyre and a lot of Austen books but really struggled.

  4. Try recent output from Stieg Larsson: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire. These are translated from Swedish (well done) and while not in the same league as Crime and Punishment they are gripping. A subsequent and final story, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, is expected around March 2010. Definitely an exercise in Scandinavian gloom, but very good storytelling. There won’t be any more about the Girl after Hornets’ Nest because Larsson died.

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