a few things

A little bit of holiday randomness for you, all packaged up in one post for your ADHD enjoyment.

– It’s the end of a decade already?!? Having a hard time remembering the key points? Check out this nifty visualization of the last 10 years by Phillip Niemeyer. I love visualizations. I’m definitely a “picture” person. You?

– Dave Barry’s Year in Review is out and is hilarious, as always.

– Pity poor Minion. He’s sporting a couple of very swollen and sore ears, we believe due to Asscat’s incessant badgering. He had them lanced last evening and is now hiding under the bed, feeling very sorry for himself and hoping we forget all about the ear drops the vet prescribed. Here’s a picture of him in better days:


– the Christmas tree is still up and has not caught on fire yet. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

– I’ve been avidly following Joey’s macaron adventures, so I was very excited to discover frozen macarons in my local Trader Joe’s! Very yummy, although they only come in vanilla and chocolate, unlike Joey’s exotic blackcurrant and saffron ones.

– I’d like to go see the Tim Burton retrospective at MOMA. However, I didn’t even manage to see the Shepard Fairey one at the ICA in Boston, so how do I expect to see a show in NYC?!? Could I please have it piped into my living room?

– Movies I’d like to see, but won’t leave the house for, especially when it’s freezing-ass cold out: Avatar, It’s Complicated, and 9.

– I learned on Twitter that the Library of Congress has digitized almost 60,000 books in its collection, making them available for free. God, I love technology.

– For the first time in recent memory, perhaps ever, we have engaged a plow guy. Plow guys rule. No longer will we shovel out only to have the street guys plow us in again with a 3-foot berm at the foot of the driveway. Boo-yah.

– Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, and all that rot. Here’s hoping that your holidays are filled with peace, love, and joy (and lots of shiny things).

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7 thoughts on “a few things

  1. Hi Kelly. I hope you also have a wonderful holiday season. I won’t mention that it’s 35c outside today where we are – oops I just did ;-p
    Kelly you must rug up and see Avatar. It’s not a great movie IMHO. But it is remarkably sparkly and shiny πŸ™‚

  2. Just hopped on over for a quick look and found a whole lot of posts I haven’t seen. Thank you for the Macaron plug, luckily there are none in the house at the moment!!! I’m glad you had a good Christmas and the tree didn’t catch fire!
    We just went to see Nowhere boy, the new film about John Lennon; it’s fantastic. See if you can get to see it.
    ‘Its complicated’ looked REALLY good on the trailer too.

  3. Does your kitten attack ears too?! Our one-eyed lookalike kitten is constantly attacking the “big kitty”s ears making her hiss and spit and carry on in such a manner that I’m generally checking to make sure there’s no blood on a daily basis – no noticeable ear damage so far. He’s a sneaky little bugger too, curling up all nice next to her, washing her face and head as if to say “here, let me get that spot you can’t reach,” then with a sudden pounce he starts NOM-NOM-NOM-NOMing the poor girl’s ear!

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