that’s not what your girlfriend says ….

I know you have all been waiting with baited bated* breath to hear which was MY favorite Super Bowl commercial. God knows the Nielson folks are going to be banging the door down soon…

Anyway, my winner is:

You can’t go wrong with Betty White. AND Abe Vigoda.

the ONLY reason I watch the Super Bowl
Tribute to Super Bowl Commercials #1
Favorite Super Bowl Commercials (con’t)

* I stand corrected, as first pointed out by Himself and confirmed by that font of all knowledge The Straight Dope:


3 thoughts on “that’s not what your girlfriend says ….

  1. Nah, just obviously not from this side of the pond. 🙂

    Betty White has been a well-loved staple of American television for my entire life, I think…. game shows, talk shows, sitcoms, you name it.

    She’s always been an adorable, immaculately maintained, classy lady with a sweet smile and a gentle manner, which is what makes this commercial especially delicious. 🙂

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