2/11/10 – lunch!

2/11/10. – lunch!, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

Look how good I’m being!

Trying to eat healthier (than my norm) and lose a few of the holiday pounds in the bargain.

Today’s lunch:

Leftover vegetarian sloppy joes on an Arnold Thin Honey and Wheat bun and a salad (spinach, peas, green beans, black beans & rice, carrots, banana peppers and sunflower seeds.)

No, the pens were not for lunch.

Where are the Ho-Hos, you ask? The cookies? Who am I and what have I done with Kellypuffs?

Well, if I’m very very good, and exercise 3x a week for 12 weeks AND track my nutrition, I’ll get a healthy living rebate from my employer.

They even provide a nifty on-line tool that provides all the metrics you would ever need on your nutritional habits. Besides, having to write down everything you eat forces me to make better choices.

I’ve been tracking for 3 days now … and I’ve already learned that I don’t eat enough protein.

But I’m a big carb fan! 🙂


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