more dreaming

more dreaming, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

I’m tired of working on this one for now, so I thought I’d post it in progress.

I’ll put it with the others.

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6 thoughts on “more dreaming

  1. Thats cool the middle building (with the dome roof) looks like La Sacre Ceour in Paris or St Pauls in London. And the building to it’s left looks like Notre Dame – either Paris or Strasbourg 🙂

  2. Is that l’Opera in front of Sacré Coeur? I haven’t been in Paris for nearly 20 years, so pardon my architectural ignorance. However the sketch is coming along nicely. Stay on it.

    1. I change my mind – the one that i thought looks like the sacre coeur probs isn’t – the sacre coeur has a “smooth” roof rather than a sectioned roof

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