notes from a move

Stacked boxes, originally uploaded by Allerina & Glen MacLarty.

It’s almost moving day! It’s final days of packing up the Lexington office for the move to the new and very shiny IBM Mass Lab in Littleton, and it’s given me pause to reflect…

Random thoughts on a move below:

  • I realize that my work has become very portable over the years. No need for papers and notebooks, or lots of equipment. A laptop is all I really need.
  • Where did all these office keys come from? And why isn’t my laptop locking cable key amongst them?
  • Books – love ’em or leave ’em?
  • The strangest thing I found in my cubicle while cleaning it out:
    a bobble-head turtle
    hello kitty valentines

Things I’m Bringing With:

  • Collective Wisdom: Transforming Support with Knowledge, my bible.
  • Agile Planning Poker cards
  • my Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument results – screaming red and yellow, baby. I’m an “expressive and imaginative visual conceptualizer and synthesizer”, whatever THAT means. I’m pretty sure it means “don’t confuse me with facts and figures or expect me to figure out the tip”.
  • my Tums and ibuprofen – the bare necessities
  • Yes, I’m bringing the rubber chicken and velvet Elvis. Keep your paws off.
  • Oh, so THAT’s where my USB lava lamp went!
  • the contents of the Cheezy Prize drawer
  • my carefully curated stash of power strips. They’re as good as money. :-).

NOT bringing with me:

  • Organizational Change and Development textbook, circa 1990. In keeping with my HBDI, I’ve replaced it with Who Moved My Cheese?
  • textbooks and class materials from two jobs ago. Will I ever need to reference Software Quality Predictive Indicators? Or Leadership in a Project Team Environment?
  • my new hire folder from Rational, pre-acquisition
  • any of the various discarded computer parts littering the bottom drawer of my file cabinet
  • Basic Blue training for Managers, circa 2003
  • my business cards – NONE of the information on them is correct anymore. I guess I should order new ones.
  • The 800 issues of KM World stacked up in my mailbox in the mailroom. I really should check my mail more often.

I’m undecided about my still-shrink-wrapped copy of Rational Rose 98 and Rose 98i, the first releases of Rational products that I ever worked on.

Rose rocked.

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