Yay for veggies!

Vintage Photo, originally uploaded by cindyiscrafty.

I am pleased, as you can tell.

Having recently developed a somewhat alarming taste for, dare I say, vegetables, AND being known to wax rhapsodic over the virtues of sustainability of local food, we have bought ourselves a share of our local Community Supported Agriculture family-run farm (hat tip to Jake)

Oh. my. God. It’s just so perfect in so many ways: local food, local farm, local economy, what’s not to love?

And it saves us from this prospect.

Because as ardently as I may desire a garden, my delicate constitution, coupled with my inclination to sloth and aversion to physical labor, means that the only way I get one is to somehow convince someone ELSE to dig it.

Which, remarkably enough, I’ve been successful in doing. More than ONCE, I might add.

And this in spite of the fact that after I admire the newly tilled earth, I proceed to plant my precious vegetables and then steadfastly ignore them until harvest-time.

If there IS a harvest-time.

So this year, I’m leaving it to the professionals.

Himself is pleased as well.


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