good as new

good as new, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

I hope you are still wallowing in the 70s with me…. cause I have another story.

It’s the early 70s. Himself was a pre-teen. He was delivering newspapers, and therefore had a small amount of money to buy Christmas presents with. SERIOUS presents, not that kiddie stuff he gave them last year. He thinks it was about $100 … but he KNOWS it was an unfathomable amount of money to a teenage boy. He bought a hat for his grandfather. Quartz watches (with batteries (ooooh, ahhh!) were brand new. Mechanical watches were on fire sale. Less than $20. Himself liked the blue face, of course. Swears it is exactly the color of his father’s eyes.

He proudly presented it to his dad that Christmas, feeling just a little bad that it wasn’t the latest and greatest battery-powered watch.

His father has worn it ever. since. For over 35 years.

It’s needed to be sent in for service twice, once just recently.

Also arriving in the mail today: HImself’s re-soled Doc Martens and a pair of vintage Arcoroc juice glasses.

And someone sent him a Walkman to fix.


there’s THIS

We’re doing the Time Warp.


5 thoughts on “good as new

  1. I have a Seiko watch with very similar bezel and face, including the day and date, but the face is silver-gray. And my watch takes a #389 battery.
    In the near future I might arrive asking advice from Himself (once again) how to set the date and moon phase on a Seiko 7A48-7009

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