community-supported agriculture FTW!

Just got a mouthwatering report from our CSA farm:

Our greenhouse is so full of plants awaiting their departure into the rolling fields that it is somewhat hard to walk through. Our hoophouse tomatoes were planted a couple of weeks ago and they are growing fast…with a little luck they will be ready for the beginning of the CSA. We have the first and second planting of lettuce in the ground, shallots, garlic, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, peas, and early corn. The strawberries were uncovered and they look outstanding! The fall raspberries were mowed down and the summer raspberries will be pruned within the next few days.

We have about 15 calves on the ground at Gibbet Hill and many baby ducks and chicks that were born within the last week!

The orchard in Groton was in full bloom a couple of days ago…hopefully the apple crop will be as good as last year. A rolling hillside covered in healthy apples trees is one of the most beautiful sights there is to see!

And best of all…

…we are only about a month away from the first CSA pickup!

*bounce* *bounce*


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