leafy green sh**

leafy green sh**, originally uploaded by kellypuffs.

A confirmed vega-phobe for most of my life, I only recently have developed more than a passing taste for vegetables.

Sadly, I remain largely ignorant of the varied and complex forms LGS can assume.

I know iceberg lettuce. I know baby spinach.

I don’t know my arooooooogula from my collards; my rapini from my kohlrabi.

So I come to you. Because I was so enraptured with my little box of goodness from the farm that it was only after I got home and was checking out the goodies, that I realized I don’t even know what it is we have.

What is this, for example? It’s purple on the inside and green on the outside and the leaves aren’t soft like lettuce.

I don’t know if it’s a lettuce or a cabbage. Or a kohlrabi.

Maybe it’s an arooooooooooooooooooogula.


7 thoughts on “leafy green sh**

  1. Whatever …. put some salad dressing on it and go for it! (It does look like it would make a good dustmop, though)

  2. I showed this to Margaret and even she doesn’t know what it is. I can say positively that it’s not poison ivy. Anyway, your Dad’s right. Salad dressing (blue cheese) and you can’t go wrong.

  3. Not to be a party pooper, but it doesn’t look like bok choy from this angle. Did it have a really thick stalk running up each leaf? Next time we need multiple shots so we can check it out from different angles. 😉

    Our CSA box contained 3-inch sections of pea plants a few weeks ago. Not the peas themselves, but chunks of plants with the winding tendrils. Seth said that the farmer probably put them in there and said, “Those dumb city folks. They’ll eat anything!” I would rather have had peas. Those tendrils were really scratchy going down.

  4. I agree with Donia; it’s a little tough to tell from the picture. But basically, you got yer salad greens, and you got yer cooking greens.

    LGS that is tasty and toothsome when you rip a little off and shove it in your mouth is salad greens. You know what to do with that kinda LGS. If it’s really bitter, then don’t add too much.

    LGS that is non-tasty or too tough is cooking greens. If the stalks are big and tough, cut them away from the leaf so you can cook them longer. Shred the cooking green-style LGS and braise in a little chicken stock and olive oil with shallot until the stock dries–if the LGS isn’t done yet, add a little more stock.

    It’s yer rare cooking green that doesn’t need a little liquid. Spinach would be the exception here, and I expect you recognize it 🙂

    Arugula? Add to a pizza in the last minute of cooking.

  5. And then there’s “blockery” 🙂 which you can eat either raw or cooked. I happen to prefer it raw, and especially the stalk thinly-sliced.

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